About Renovita

Renovita is a not-for-profit website that connects international buyers with 1 euro and cheap houses for sale in Italy to support redevelopment in rural communities. 

Why a 1 euro house site?

Dozens of small towns across Italy are at risk of disappearing due to population decline. These communities are hundreds of years old with unique histories and cultures. 

To save their shrinking towns, Mayors began selling abandoned homes for the symbolic price of €1 in hopes of attracting new residents. 

But all of the towns manage their 1 euro house programs on separate websites with different requirements making it difficult for overseas buyers to search, compare, and apply. And dozens more cheap houses are for sale in these towns but are not listed on the town sites. 

road gangi italy
Gangi roofs

What does this site do?

Renovita was created to provide strength in numbers for these small towns by aggregating all the 1 euro and cheap houses in Italy onto one platform. This increases exposure for each town while making it easier for buyers to search for bargain homes online and navigate the application and buying processes. 

The site also provides a directory of local service providers to support small businesses and help buyers find the services they need to find and buy their dream home in Italy. 

We do not collect any fees from any parties. 

How does it work?

Renovita is a free, not-for-profit platform. 

The participating towns and private sellers can submit their property listings for free, and potential buyers can browse, save, and compare properties as well as submit inquiries directly to the towns, also for free. 

All you need to do is register (top right corner), and you will have access to everything. 

Users are also invited to sign up (in the footer) for our monthly newsletters highlighting new properties, before and after stories, or important details such as new tax incentives. You can opt-out at any time. 

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Renovita purpose

To support economic redevelopment in rural Italy through digital platforms and outreach. 

Renovita aims to provide:

  • Accurate, actionable information on 1 euro and bargain homes in Italy. 
  • International exposure of the unique qualities and potential for the participating communities.
  •  Access to local service providers to assist in the purchase and renovation of bargain homes in Italy.
  • Support for local businesses through exposure to international clients.
  • Facilitation of community connections for recommendations, inspiration, and camaraderie.

What we provide

  • Property listing information and photos for 1 euro houses and cheap houses for sale in Italy (<€50k).
  • General information on the towns participating in the 1 euro program, and their respective requirements.
  • Directory of local service providers with reviews.
  • Basic information and resources about buying property in Italy.
  • Community forum to share questions and information.

What we don't provide

  • Real estate investment, tax, immigration, or renovation advice or consultation. 
  • Property purchase logistics or support. 

For this type of assistance, we recommend you browse our Services Directory to connect with local experts who know these houses and these towns best.

This helps you receive the most accurate, on-the-ground information, and further supports the economic development in these communities. 

The backstory

I have been in love with Italy for as long as I can remember. The cobblestone mazes through hilltop towns, the warm and welcoming culture, and how there is some incredible piece of art or history around every corner. To me, it is a very special place. 

That’s why, when I first heard about the 1 euro houses, it was like a dream come true! I could help one of these small towns that I love so much and potentially have my own historic home in Italy.

I searched for information and sent a dozen emails to the towns. But I just couldn’t find the details I needed. And I was worried that if I got on a plane, by the time I arrived, they would all be gone. And so the idea for this site was born. 

Renovita is like a matchmaker, connecting these charming homes with people who can bring new life to them. 

I hope this site introduces you to some wonderful places you may not have considered visiting, provides you with details on a potential dream home, and connects you with others on a similar journey. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions. And perhaps we may become neighbors someday. 

A presto! 

Me on the Scalinata di Santa Maria del Monte, in Caltagirone, Sicily. 

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