Cammarata, Sicily

Perched high up on the mountain, Cammarata offers sweeping views of the historic city and the Sicilian countryside. This medieval gem also has the benefit of its sister city, San Giovanni Gemini, right next door providing you with the best of both worlds – bustling town and quiet escape. 

Region & Province
Sicily, Agrigento
6,289 (14,312 with San Giovanni Gemini)
International Airport
Palermo (PMO) 119km
San Leone - 56km
Train Station
Cammarata-San Giovanni Gemini - 6.3km
Hospital San Giovani di Dio - 42km

Cammarata 1 euro house details

window frame to 1 euro house italy

1 Euro houses

€1 houses are available by points-based application.


Buyers must take out a surety policy for €5,000. If renovations are not completed on time, the municipality will retain the surety. The municipality can help you arrange this at a local bank.


Buyers must commence renovation within 2 months of ownership and complete works within 3 years.

More details on Cammarata’s 1 euro house program, along with application form and contact information, can be found online here.

Cammarata services & things to do

Cammarata, and its sister city San Giovanni Gemini, offer plenty of accommodation, dining, entertainment, shopping and services to cater to all your needs and keep you busy. 

While pictures alone cannot give you the feel of a place or its people, we hope these images of Cammarata will give you some idea of the beauty of this community.

These photos were taken during a visit to Cammarata in January and February. 

Cammarata location

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