Sambuca, Sicily

From Arab hamlet to one of the “most beautiful villages in Italy,” Sambuca offers history, art, cuisine, adventure, and friendly neighbors to those lucky enough to call it home. Explore the small courtyards and eclectic artwork in the Arab quarter or venture out to nearby Lake Arancino and Planeta Winery. 

Region & Province
Sicily, Agrigento
International Airport
Palermo (PMO) 88 km
Porto Palo - 26 km
Train Station
Castelvetrano - 27 km (bus station in town with service to Palermo)
Sciacca - 27 km

1 Euro houses

Auctioned by municipality. Interested parties must submit application and security deposit.


€5,000 upon application. If unsuccessful or upon completion of renovations, full amount, less €25, will be returned.


Submit renovation plan within 90 days. Complete renovations within 3 years.

Sambuca services & things to do

Sambuca di Sicilia offers plenty of accommodation, dining, entertainment, and services to cater to all your needs and keep you busy. 

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While pictures alone cannot give you the feel of a place or its people, we hope these images of Sambuca will give you some idea of the beauty of this friendly community.

These photos were taken during visits to Sambuca in January and February. 

Sambuca location

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