How to buy a 1 euro house in Salemi

As a result of an earthquake more than 50 years ago, the town of Salemi came into possession of dozens of abandoned homes. An enterprising mayor decided to add Salemi to the growing list of Italian communities offering empty homes for sale for just 1 euro. 

Today, the comune runs a standalone website supporting the promotion of these bargain properties. Interested parties can simply submit an offer, by post, to the town requesting to purchase a home. 

Salemi 1 euro house details

1 Euro Houses
1 Euro houses are available by offer. Any interested party can submit an application form with the amount willing to pay for the property. The Comune will review and select the best offer.
Upon submission of the application, the buyer must also enclose a deposit of €3,000. If the offer is not selected, the deposit will be returned.
The home must be renovated within 3 years of the deed transfer and all renovations must be in line with the town's guidelines to preserve the historic center.

Salemi €1 house bidding system

These are the steps to purchase a 1 euro house in Salemi. 

  1. Download the announcement from the Comune to review the requirements (each section is written in both Italian and English). 

  2. Select your desired house from the available options. 

  3. Download and complete the application form. 

  4. Attach all the required documents, including bank draft for the €3,000 deposit, and send the package to:

Comune di Salemi, Piazza Dittatura n. 1, 91018 Salemi (TP)

The following wording must be affixed to the package:

“Offer for public auction for the sale of properties, lot no. ______”

The name of the sending party must also be indicated on the package.

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Comune di Salemi

Piazza Dictatorship, 1 – 91018 Salemi

Whatsapp: +39 333 197 7307

Comune di Salemi

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