How to buy a 1 euro house in Cammarata

The municipality approved this 1 euro house program to repopulate the historical center of their beloved town and safeguard it from degradation. 

The comune has partnered with Streetto, a cultural non-profit group, to manage the project. Properties can be used as primary residence, vacation homes, tourist accommodation, or other commercial activities. They are also facilitating the process to purchase cheap houses as well. 

Cammarata 1 euro house details

1 Euro Houses
Houses have been donated to the municipality for this project and are available through an application process.
Cammarata does not require a surety policy or a deposit.
Must commence renovation within 2 months of ownership and complete works within 3 years.

The municipality will continuously update the list as houses are made available and/or eliminated by transfer.

Applicants agree to:

  • Stipulate a public deed of purchase of the property within two months from the execution of the determination of approval application.
  • Bear all the expenses for the preparation of the deed of transfer (notaries, registration, transfer, stacking, etc.);
  • To secure the building, in order to avoid damage to third parties, immediately after the acquisition; not providing the Municipality will carry out the works by charging the costs to the new owner;
  • Prepare the property renovation and recovery project by acquiring all the necessary opinions within one year from the date of purchase;
  • To start the works within two months from the date of issue of the necessary authorizations;
  • Complete the building works within three years of withdrawal from the authorizations;

Read the full 1 Euro House Requirements document here. View the 1 Euro House Application form here. 

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