4 things you need to buy a house in Italy.

Purchase Money

Even if you are purchasing a 1 euro home, expect to spend between €2,500 - €6,000 for associated fees and taxes. This amount will depend on a variety of factors including size and location of the property.

Codice Fiscale

This is your Italian tax ID number. You can apply for one online through your local Italian consulate. Note that you can apply at any time and having one does not automatically equate to tax obligations. It typically takes at least one month for processing though times vary depending on the consulate. The form and instructions are available below.

Italian Bank Account

While you can officially purchase the property without this, you will need one to initiate utility services as the fees are deducted automatically from this account. You can see local bank information on the town services pages within this site.

Travel Document

You will need to show your original, valid travel document (Passport) to finalize the purchase.

Renovated 1 euro house in Sambuca Italy

In person visits recommended

While Renovita provides the basic information you need to find your Italian home and engage an agent, you will need to be present for the signing of the documents, unless you have arranged for a Power of Attorney.

That being said, we highly recommend that you make the trip out to view your shortlisted towns and properties in person. Each town has its own unique character and you should get a feel for yours before committing to a purchase.

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