Bivona, Sicily

Famous for its white peaches and idyllic vistas, Bivona, literally ‘twice beautiful,’ lives up to its name. The town is situated along a string of five quaint towns allowing residents access to more options, while maintaining the small town feel.  

If you are looking for fresh air, friendly neighbors, and a quiet home, look no further than Bivona.  

Region & Province
Sicily, Agrigento
International Airport
Palermo (PMO) 112km
Seccagrande - 39km
Train Station
Cammarata-San Giovani Gemini - 38km
Ospedale dei Bianchi - 44km

Bivona 1 euro house details

1 Euro Houses

1 Euro houses are available by points-based application.


Must take out a surety policy for €2,500. If renovations are not completed on time, the municipality will retain the surety.


Must register project within 3 months of ownership, commence renovation within 1 year and complete works within 3 years.

More details on Bivona’s 1 euro house program, along with application form and contact information, can be found online here.

Bivona services & things to do

Bivona lies along a string of five other towns offering accommodation, dining, entertainment, and shopping options and services to cater to all your needs and is ideally situated to explore Sicily. 

While pictures alone cannot give you the feel of a place or its people, we hope these photos of Bivona will give you some idea of the charm of this small, Sicilian community.

These photos were taken during a visit to Bivona in January and February.

Bivona location

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