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One euro home sell-off has created a ‘Little America’ in Italy

CNN. Silvia Marchetti. 4 May 2022 There’s a place on the Italian island of Sicily where...
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How Italy Is Bringing Its Rustic Villages Back to Life

Smithsonian Magazine. Photographs by Francesco Lastrucci, Text by Ferdinando...
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What it’s really like to buy one of Italy’s super-cheap homes

The Independent. Joey Tyson. 14 April 2022 Italy’s super cheap houses have become the...
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sunset in sambuca italy

Want Property In Europe? €1 Houses, Digital Nomad Visas, Cash And Other Enticing Offers

Forbes. Cecilia Rodriguez. 15 April 2022. Normally when people hear about European towns...
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Italy will offer visas to remote workers seeking la dolce vita

Quartz at Work. Sarah Todd. 5 April 2022 Picture this: You’ve just finished your fourth...
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Sleepy Sicily: my stay in the hilltop town of €1 homes

The Times. Victoria Brzezinski. 20 March 2022 Finding an unknown corner in one of our...
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What became of the brave Britons who bought wrecks in Italian villages for just 1 euro?

Daily Mail. Robert Hardman. 23 February 2022 The plan to revitalise dormant pockets of...
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Sambuca di Sicilia

Wanted: An ‘adventurous’ Airbnb host to live out their digital nomad dream in Italy

Euro News Travel. Lottie Limb. 20 January 2022 An extraordinary opportunity to immerse...
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The homes nestled in beautiful scenery going for just one euro – what’s the catch?

itv News. Rachel Younger. 31 January 2022 It starts with an online advert or two. It’s a...
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One Euro Homes in Cammarata, Sicily: StreetTo Interview

Wayviator. 12 January 2021. Will small homes that cost "one euro"* and migration back to...
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Espresso, deep thoughts, more espresso: Renovating a 17th century home the Italian way

Chicago Sun Times. Stefano Esposito. 2 January 2022 The Italian house you’ve always dreamed...
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How Italy’s one-euro homes are helping to revive rural villages

EU Observer. Silvia Marchetti. 31 December 2021. In recent years, dozens of depopulating...
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