How to buy a 1 euro house in Sambuca

Sambuca received so much interest in their first round of 1 euro houses in 2019 that they decided to auction them. The initial 16 houses sold for between €1,000 – €23,000.

But in the stampede of people who visited, another 110 bargain houses were sold on the private market! 

In 2021, the Comune posted another round of houses for auction, this time the opening bid started at €2. They allocated 9 out of the 17 available properties. The town has announced that there will be a third round of houses with the bidding starting at €3 some time in 2024.  

Sambuca 1 euro house details

1 Euro Houses
Houses are auctioned by the municipality. Interested parties must submit an application form and security deposit.
€5,000 deposit submitted upon application. If unsuccessful or upon completion of renovations, full amount, less €25, will be returned.
Submit renovation plan within 90 days of being awarded the house. Complete renovations within 3 years.

Comune di Sambuca di Sicilia

Corso Umberto, 1. 

Comune Tel. +39 0925-940111

Comune di Sambuca di Sicilia Facebook Page

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