Mussomeli, Sicily

Best known for the Manfredonico Castle on the edge of town, Mussomeli is a friendly community tucked in the middle of Sicily. Surrounded by rolling hills and filled with picturesque balconies, nearly every resident enjoys a view. 

The town originally made about 100 houses available for sale for 1 euro, with plans to add an additional 400 over time. To date, they have sold around 250 properties. 

Region & Province
Sicily, Caltanissetta
International Airport
Palermo (PMO) 125km
Cannatello - 56km
Train Station
Acquaviva Platani - 6km
Maria Immacolata Longo - Mussomeli

Mussomeli 1 euro house details

1 Euro Houses

1 Euro houses are available by application which must be submitted in person.


Must take out a surety policy for €5,000. If renovations are not completed on time, the municipality will retain the surety.


Must register project within 1 year of ownership, commence renovation within 6 months of receiving the building permit.

Mussomeli services & things to do

Mussomeli’s 1 euro house program has been underway for a couple years now and has built up accommodation, dining, entertainment, and shopping options and services to cater to all your needs, and it is ideally situated to explore Sicily. 

For updates on events and activities in and around Mussomeli, you can visit the Pro Loco Mussomeli site or their Facebook page. 

Pictures alone cannot give you the feel of a place or its people, but we hope these photos of Mussomeli will give you some idea of the charm of this small, Sicilian community.

These photos were taken during a visit to Mussomeli in January and February. 

Mussomeli location

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