Salemi, Sicily

Named one of the most beautiful villages in Italy this northern Sicilian town has a unique history as the first capital of a liberated Italy! This historic and picturesque town has deep multicultural roots having been occupied by the Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Turks, and Spanish. 

Today it is a quaint hillside town with a large library, several museums, and plenty of homes for sale. 

Region & Province
Sicily, Trapani
International Airport
Palermo (PMO) 78km
Mazara del Vallo - 31km
Train Station
Salemi Gibellina - 11km
Hospital Vittorio Emanuele III - 1km

Salemi 1 euro house details

1 Euro Houses

1 Euro houses are available through an application and bidding process.


€3,000 deposit must be submitted at time of application. Non-successful bids will have the funds returned.


Must complete renovations within 3 years, within town regulations for historic home preservation.

Salemi services & things to do

Salemi offers plenty of accommodation, dining, entertainment, and shopping options and services to cater to all your needs and is ideally situated to explore Sicily. 

For more information on events and activities in and around Salemi, visit the Pro Loco Salemi site or their Facebook page. 

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