How to buy a 1 euro house in San Piero Patti

San Piero Patti initially launched its 1 euro house project in 2018, but had to put it on hold due to some administrative difficulties. They re-started it in 2021 with an initial four properties and plans to add more. 

Additional properties will be added to the Comune’s website as they are made available for the project. 

San Piero Patti 1 euro house details

1 Euro Houses
The town will review applications chronologically in the order that they are received.
Must take out a surety policy for €5,000. If renovations are not completed on time, the municipality will retain the surety.
Must arrange the transfer of deed within 2 months of being awarded the property. Prepare a restructuring plan and apply for permits. Begin renovation with 2 months of permit approval. Complete works within 3 years.

Application Documents & Process

To the application form must be attached all documentation deemed useful and in particular: 

Explanatory report of the recovery proposal that the proponent intends to implement. In particular should be indicated:

  • the types of intervention in relation to the priorities defined by the municipal administration; 
  • the characteristics of the subjects participating in the proposed intervention and their skills; 
  • documentation proving possession of the requisites required for the proponents. 
  • declaration of the operator’s commitment to sign the public deed of sale of the property taking on all the costs for the transfer of ownership. 
  • declaration of the operator’s commitment to stipulate in favor of the municipality of San Piero Patti surety policy in the amount of €5,000.00 to guarantee the commitments of restructuring and recovery undertaken. 

The municipality reserves the right to request clarifications and / or additions to the documentation submitted if this is necessary for the proper evaluation of proposals. 

Read the full announcement (English version) here. 

Comune di San Piero Patti

Piazza De Gasperi San Piero Patti 

Comune Tel. +39 0941 661388

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