San Piero Patti

San Piero Patti Italy

Buy a house for 1 euro in this idyllic Sicily town

Love Property. Shona Jackson. 14 August 2018 Perched on a rocky slope overlooking rural vistas of Sicily, San Piero Patti looks every bit the postcard of a picturesque Italian hill town. A short jaunt from the coast, it's located in the characterful province of Messina, famed for its history and traditions. It might seem surprising then that properties in this area are being sold for less than the cost...

A small town in Italy offers houses for sale for less than an espresso

The World. Orla Berry. September 16, 2019 Katia Nepumaceno, 34, was born in San Piero Patti, a small town in Italy. She has lived in Germany and other parts of Italy, but now she’s thinking of making the Sicilian town her long-term home. She says she’s conflicted about it, though — as the town has “two faces.” “One is the nice side. It’s very nice to live here. It’s very quiet. The...

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