Snag a seaside home in Italy from €1 – if you can renovate it

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Taranto 1 euro houses

Lonely Planet. Silvia Marchetti

With dozens of towns in Italy selling old, crumbling dwellings for less than the cost of an espresso, picking the right location might be a tough call. But what if it were by the seaside and you could walk straight to the beach from the living room?

The city of Taranto in Puglia is placing a new lot of abandoned homes on the market for just €1 – a total of 50 apartments within nine multi-floor buildings. All of the dwellings, which are badly in need of a renovation, are located in the ancient walled district called Isola Madre – aka the ‘Mother Island’ – jutting out into the open sea. Many come with a panoramic view of Taranto’s gulf, popular for its delicious premium mussels and pristine beaches.

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