How to buy a €1 home in Sicily without ruining its culture

Mussomeli Sicily

CNN. Julia Buckley. May 13, 2021

When Alexandra Stubbs heard a friend had bought one of Italy’s infamous €1 houses, she felt a little rattled.”

I did the usual kind of thing — what the hell’s that all about, how is that going to work? I’m really skeptical,” she says.But underneath the skepticism, there was something else, too.”

I absolutely loved Sicily from visits in my 20s and 30s, so I just thought, oh, I’ll tag along with him when he goes back to visit his house — I was visiting friends in Rome and I thought I’d really like to check out Sicily again,” she says.

Little did she know — or maybe, little did she want to admit to herself — that she’d end up buying one herself. Actually, not just one, but two.

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