sunset in sambuca italy

Want Property In Europe? €1 Houses, Digital Nomad Visas, Cash And Other Enticing Offers

Forbes. Cecilia Rodriguez. 15 April 2022. Normally when people hear about European towns selling houses and even entire villages for symbolic prices — €1 — they’re not planning to move or change their lives but the offers are so intriguing that they wonder: ‘Why not’? There are so many semi-abandoned small towns in Europe with local officials looking for creative ways to revitalize their...

Italy will offer visas to remote workers seeking la dolce vita

Quartz at Work. Sarah Todd. 5 April 2022 Picture this: You’ve just finished your fourth Zoom call of the day, with three more to go. Normally, your spirits would be flagging. But a glance outside your window shows the sun shining down on the terracotta rooftops of the Italian village where you’ll be working for the next nine months. You decide to step outside for a break, ambling down the cobblestone...

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