Beyond the 1 Euro home: What are the other incentives to move to Italy?

Italics Magazine.  7 July 2023

Italy is already a hot expat destination, but in recent years many towns have started offering more meaningful benefits to relocate.

It’s no secret Italy is facing a population crisis: between the low birth rate, aging population, and brain drain, Italy is on the road to a demographic disaster without some serious practical efforts to bolster numbers.

The 1 Euro Home concept was launched in Italy as the first big push to bring life back to ‘dying towns’, and to encourage foreign home buyers to restore the old properties. The scheme has been largely successful, as evidenced by the pages and pages of online news stories of Americans, Brits, and many others gushing at their new dream homes. But in recent years, many towns have started sweetening the pot by offering more meaningful incentives.

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