1 Euro Houses in Italy News

San Piero Patti, Sicily

Tips on buying a cheap house in Italy from those who’ve done it

CNN. Siliva Marchetti. December 3, 2021 Buying a cheap property in Italy is an attractive...
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International Vibe in the Heart of Sicily

For Rubia, everything has gone just as she hoped with the purchase of her 1 euro homes in Mussomeli.
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Rich Americans and Britons rush to buy cheap second homes in Italy

Business Day. Alice Kantor. October 21, 2021 Homes in Italian cities and the countryside...
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An Italian house for less than €1

The Telegraph. Tim Moore. October 24, 2021 ‘It seemed like a pretty good deal,’...
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From Sunny Retreat to Forever Home

Scott Thompson first arrived in Sicily in 2007 in search of a warm and sunny holiday escape...
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Mussomeli Sicily

‘It may seem too good to be true but it really isn’t’

iNews. James Imam. September 17, 2021. A house in dreamy Sicily could still be yours for...
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The Americans who bought bargain homes in Italy’s deep south

CNN. Silvia Marchetti. September 10, 2021 Buying an abandoned home in a tiny, depopulated...
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Meredith Tabbone in front of her €1 house in Sambuca di Sicilia.

American buys €1 house – sight unseen – and couldn’t be happier

Meredith Tabbone in front of her 1 euro house in Sambuca di Sicilia. In 2019, a friend...
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Village near Rome joins Italy’s €1 home sell-off

CNN. Silvia Marchetti. August 21, 2021 Italy's ongoing clearance sale of €1 houses has been...
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These pretty Italian villages want to pay you $33,000 to move in

CNN. Silvia Marchetti. July 23, 2021 Ever dreamed of opening an artisan boutique and...
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Italy town puts price of cheap homes up to €2

CNN. Silvia Marchetti. July 16, 2021 Of the countless dwindling Italian towns that have opted...
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Taranto 1 euro houses

Snag a seaside home in Italy from €1 – if you can renovate it

Lonely Planet. Silvia Marchetti With dozens of towns in Italy selling old, crumbling...
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