General services and things to do in San Piero Patti, Sicily

Choosing a home, whether for vacations or other, involves more than simply finding a property. Buyers need to also consider what is available in the community – from basic services such as banking and groceries, to dining and entertainment options. 

To help you assess what is available in San Piero Patti, we have provided some general information on the local services. This list is by no means exhaustive, but as many of these towns have limited digital footprint, the details here will give you more insights than what you might be able to learn through an online search. 


We recommend taking a look through accommodations available on sites such as Airbnb and Booking to see how others have renovated their properties. Private owners can also be a great source of recommendations for places to go and things to do. 

Al Castello B&B

Petra B&B

  • 9 Piazza Duomo

Le Poiane B&B

  • Contrada Manganello, 2

Credito Siciliano Bancomat (ATM)

  • Via Professor Profeta

Emergency Number

  • 112 or 118


  • Via Emilia Romagna
  • +39 0922 900369

Police Station

  • Via Emilia Romagna
  • +39 0922 909411

First Aid Service

  • +39 0922 900280 or 
  • +39 0922 909131

Hospital & Health Service

  • Via Firenze
  • +39 0922 907036

Imbornone Pharmacy

  • Via Cesare Battisti
  • +39 0922 909857

La Verde Pharmacy

  • Via Bonfiglio
  • +39 0922 900610

Crai Supermarket

  • Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 5

Supermercato di Candido Felice

  • Via Argentina, 37

Gli Antichi Sapori Enoteca e Prodotti Tipici

  • Via Professo Profeta, 6

Poste Italiane

  • Piazza Florio Filippo, 1
  • +39 094 1661107

Local sights and attractions

Nebrodi Mountains

Take in Mt. Etna from the 2nd highest peak in Sicily in the Nebrodi mountains.

The Castello

Enjoy an open air movie at the Castello.

Cloister of Convent of Carmelitani

Tour the beautifully restored cloister, built in 1566.

Discover San Piero Patti

Explore San Piero Patti with a self-guided tour.

Aeolian Islands

Venture out to the Aeolian Islands.

Tindari Reserve

Relax on the sandbar at the Tindari Nature Reserve.

Agrimusco's Upland

Hike out to Sicily's own natural Stonehenge monoliths.

Guided Trekking Tours

Discover the natural wonders around the town with guided trekking tours.

Weaving Class

Participate in local crafts workshops such as weaving or basket making.

Annual festivals & events

  • 19th – Festival of St. Joseph
  • Holy Week parade
  • Last Sunday – Spring Flower Festival
  • Patron Saint San Biaggo Festival
  • Last weekend – Borghi dei Tesori Fest
  • 4th & 5th – Hazelnut Festival 
  • Living Nativity & Parade

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