General services and things to do in Cammarata, Sicily

Choosing a home, whether for vacations or other, involves more than simply finding a property. Buyers need to also consider what is available in the community – from basic services such as banking and groceries, to dining and entertainment options. 

To help you assess what is available in Cammarata/San Giovanni Gemini, we have provided some general information on the local services. This list is by no means exhaustive, but as many of these towns have limited digital footprint, the details here will give you more insights than what you might be able to learn through an online search. 

Cammarata, and its sister city San Giovanni Gemini, provide plenty of things to do in and around town. And if you don’t see what you are looking for, contact the Comune office and they might be able to assist! 

We recommend taking a look through accommodations available on sites such as to see how others have renovated their properties. Private owners can also be a great source of recommendations for places to go and things to do. 

Ariturismo Colle dei Venti di Lo Re

  • C. Da Casalicchio
  • +39 0922 908129

Agriturismo Antica Masseria Gargiuffè

  • SP. Santo Stefano Quisquina
  • +39 3336 495929

Hotel Villa Giatra

  • SS 189 C da Basso Barbiere Pantano
  • +39 0922 905200

Hotel Halykos

  • Via Bonfiglio
  • +39 0922 904296

Casa Vacanze Cortile Suez

  • Via Suez, 44
  • +39 3287 251185

UniCredit (Bancomat service)

  • Via Cesare Battisti
  • +39 0922 905440

Banca di Credito Cooperativeo S. Biagio Platani

  • Largo dei Pini
  • +39 0922 905506

Credito Emiliano (Credem)

  • Via Pisacane, San Giovanni Gemini
  • +39 0922 903305

Emergency Number

  • 112 or 118


  • Via Emilia Romagna
  • +39 0922 900369

Police Station

  • Via Emilia Romagna
  • +39 0922 909411

First Aid Service

  • +39 0922 900280 or 
  • +39 0922 909131

Hospital & Health Service

  • Via Firenze
  • +39 0922 907036

Imbornone Pharmacy

  • Via Cesare Battisti
  • +39 0922 909857

La Verde Pharmacy

  • Via Bonfiglio
  • +39 0922 900610

Crai Supermarket

  • Via Manzoni, San Giovanni Gemini
  • +39 0922 902077

Crai Supermarket

  • Via Rossini, San Giovanni Gemini
  • +39 0922 902077

Saturday Market

Weekly market in main piazza of San Giovanni Gemini with fresh produce, meat, cheese, seafood, and household items. 

Poste Italiane

  • Via Libertà 10
  • +39 0922 904362

Zarite Home Furnishings (Furniture, textiles, rugs and more)

  • Via Vittorio Veneto, 117
  • +39 0922 904555


Autolinee Panepinto (Palermo-Cammarata bus route)

  • +39 0922 909215
  • +39 0922 901788

Cammarata Railway Station (Palermo-Agrigento railway line 189 PA-AG)

Local sights and attractions

Scivolandia water park Sicily
Scivolandia Park

Cool off and have some fun at the local water park.

Cammarata castle
Cammarata Castle

Step back in time and take in the view at this hilltop castle.

Great Frankish Road

Follow the ancient road between Agrigento and Palermo.

Andromeda Theatre

Spectacular open air theater with year-round performances.

cammarata mountain
Cammarata Mountain

Stunning views of the Sicilian countryside from Mt. Cammarata.

lake fanaco italy
Lake Fanaco

Fishing and bird watching at nearby Lake Fanaco.

cammarata community theatre
Community Theater

Concerts, theatrical performances and other events.

vertigo disco club sicily
Vertigo DiscoClub

Dance the night away at this hip nightclub.

Vittoria Cinema

Catch the latest box office hit at the local cinema.

ASD sport and fitness cammarata italy
ASD Sport & Fitness

Gym offering various fitness classes.

saturday market cammarata
Saturday Market

Weekly market selling everything from fresh produce to handbags.

Blu Sport Pool & Spa

Indoor pool, spa and fitness center.

Annual festivals & events

  • 17th – St. Anthony the Abbot festival and parade
  • 20th – St. Sebastian, patron of the police, festival. 
  • 3rd – St. Biagio festival 
  • 19th – Festival of St. Joseph
  • Holy Week parade
  • 1st Sunday – Festival of the Holy Crucifix of Tuvagli
  • Last Sunday – Festival of the Holy Crucifix of Angels
  • Corpus Domini procession
  • 1st Sunday – St. Calogero’s procession
  • 14/15th – Festival of the Virgin Mary of Cacciapensieri
  • 1st Sunday – Festival of the Most Holy Crucifix of the Rain
  • 3rd Sunday – Festival of ST. John of the Woods
  • 2nd Sunday – Festival of the Madonna of Miracles
  • 6th – St. Nicholas of Bari, Cammarata’s patron saint, parade. 
  • 8th – Immaculate Conception parade

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