General services & things to do in Bivona

Choosing a home, whether for holidays or other, involves more than simply finding a property. Buyers need to also consider what is available in the community – from basic services such as banking and groceries, to dining and entertainment options. 

To help you assess what is available in and around Bivona, we have provided some general information on the town and surrounding area. This list is by no means exhaustive, but as many of these towns have limited digital footprint, the details here will give you more insights than what you might be able to learn through a search online. 

While Bivona itself may seem small, it is located along a string of other beautiful towns offering the best of both worlds – quiet town with easy access to activity. 

And if you don’t see what you are looking for, contact the Comune office and they might be able to assist! 

We recommend taking a look through accommodations available on sites such as Airbnb or Booking to see how others have renovated their properties. Private owners can also be a great source of recommendations for places to go and things to do. 

B & B da Francesco

Emergency Number
  • 112 or 118
Poste Italiane
  • Via Roma 47
  • +39 0922 983675

Local sights and attractions

The Mother Church

Baroque and Rococo style church was consecrated in 1781.

Chapel of Madonna della Sprescia

Special holy place dedicated by a Bivonian family.

Portale Chiesa Del Carmine

Remains of a 14th century castle.

Lago di Magazzolo

Lake and nature preserve where the remains of the 14th century castle can be seen.

Castello di Bivona

14th century castle that was partly destroyed in 1529.

Ducal Palace

Historical palace built to house the first Ducal family of Bivona.

Teatro Andromea

Spectacular open air theater with year-round performances.

Portale Chiesa Del Carmine

Gate to a 15th century Church of the Carmine.

Peace Art Park

Art installations in an open air park.

Annual festivals & events

  • 22/23 – Peach Festival
  • 4 – Festa di Santa Rosalia

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